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Thursdays Playlist


Budapest    3:22    George Ezra    Wanted On Voyage    Indie Rock

Love Forlorn Mastered    3:51    Atolls    GC    

Cadence    4:21    Fractures    GC    

Lost Weight, Perfect Skin    3:28    Lower    Seek Warmer Climes    Alternative

Paranoid Joy    2:09    The Murlocs    Loopholes    

Unkempt and Uncaring    3:08    Lower    Seek Warmer Climes    Alternative

When We’re Older    3:18    Mia Dyson    When We’re Older    

Undiscover     3:03    Twin Caverns    GC    

Bamboo    3:51    Deers    GC    

Like Flow    2:40    JON    H22    Pop

Arcadia    3:35    The Kite String Tangle    GC    

After The Crack Up    4:01    Augie March    GC

Barrenlands    3:27    Them Bruins    GC    

Feels like 37    4:07    DMA’s    GC    

Help me out    4:18    Lucianblomkamp    GC    

Love Alight    3:00    Crystal Fighters    GC    

Mystery Hour    3:59    Sea Legs    GC    

Roll On    4:10    Pretty City    GC    

Undertow    3:42    Yacht Club DJs    GC    

Aeroplane    2:25    Kakariko    Speed EP    

Capture Me – Problems

Shalala – Moses Gun Collective

The Deep Ends – Chicks who love guns

So Soldier – Dads



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