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Today’s the Day Grand Slam Return in 2017!

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TODAY’S THE DAY is back in a BIG way on the airwaves, for a fresh 2017!

Celebrating all things February 3rd, we covered a lot on the show today. Today was indeed the day the music died, marking the tragic plane crash that killed Buddy Holly.

We also went over the epic space race between Russia and America, as Russia’s Luna 9 spacecraft made history by making the first soft landing on the moon…

And so much more sweet, sweet history slices for ya’ll.

We are working through the next couple of months to bring our listeners a massive final show in April! Can you dig it? Sucker?!

The Day The Music Died- 3rd February, 1959. Photo Credit: indulgy.com

The Day The Music Died. Plane crash kills three legendary musicians on 3rd February, 1959. Photo Credit: indulgy.com



  1. Leadlight - Julia Jacklin
  2. I Love London - Crystal Fighters
  3. American Pie - Don McClean
  4. Free - Mood II Swing
  5. Hallucinate - GL
  6. Compton Swangin - B.G. Knock Out
  7. Marinade - Dope Lemon

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