“Too Young To Be In Love” – Hunx and His Punx

There are bands, and it’s come to be expected in the last year or so, who adopt hints of The Beach Boys and Roy Orbison. And then, apparently, there’s Hunx and His Punx. 
There’s not enough oil in my hair to listen to this record. Hunx and his Punx would not be out of place on the set of Grease, it would be unsurprising if they all carried around flip knives and cruised the streets of their hometown Oakland, California in an old convertible with glittered fins. It would be safe to assume that if you cut these guys, they would bleed old vinyl and beaten up leather.

The album itself opens with ‘Lovers Lane’, a camp ode to misspent youth, young love and regrettably falling in love with the straightest guy in school. An anthemic plea for free love and public affection this is the kind of song that, sixty years ago, would have had straight-edge parents toting pitchforks screaming cliches about ‘devils music’ and that ‘dancing is a sin”. Switching between choked teenage vocals and open prose, Seth Bogart, the queer-rockers lead vocalist, injects the song with the hopeless optimism that only comes with being young and care-free. Switching from singing about his boyfriend dying tragically to the summery swing of ‘He’s Coming Back’ these tracks are laden with irony and double talk. 
Too Young to Be In Love, the bands second album and their first release with record label ‘Hardly Art’, sings of desperate abandon and living life for sex, music and generally anything that would cause concerned parents to sigh in hopeless doubt for the coming generations. It’s an album that goes hand in hand with summer, road trips and house parties. It’s finale ‘Blow Me Away’ leaves us with the words “close your eyes, and come away with me” and it truly makes you want to run away with the first person with pretty eyes you see. It’s an album for music nerds, but hey, sometimes it really is hip to be square. 
Jonty Thompson.