Study: D&D Games Last Longer Than Stranger Things Binge – P1NG

Three 14-year olds have hit a roadblock. They do everything together and have been friends for years. Inevitably there’s going to be […]


“Video Games Are A Waste Of Time” Says Married At First Sight Superfan – P1NG

Gamers are in a state of shock, as a reality TV fan has dissed their favourite hobby. “Such a timekiller”, florist Janice […]

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“Give me the Controller” Says Older Sibling Throwing Shade – P1NG

Little Johnny has been officially offended by his older sister Big Sarah’s request to take the controller from him. The frustrated boy […]


Super Smash Bros. Character Predictions

Article about the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 2019 (annual video game event). Words by Stefan Bradley. At the […]


Mind Games Episode 10: THE FINALE

The last episode in the series. Jason & Adam discussed in their final show the upcoming Mortal Kombat XI, and the remastering […]

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Mind Games Episode 2: Aliens in Antarctica

This week, Adam continues his investigations into Aliens and their hidden makings in this world by attempting to uncover the lost metropolis […]

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Mind Games Episode 1: Video Games that tested your mental strength

An exert from ‘Mind Games’ Episode 1 Adam & Jason reminisce on times in their youth when video games truly tested the […]

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Mind Games Episode 1: The First Riddle

An exert from ‘Mind Games’ Episode 1. Jason has three guesses to solve Adam’s riddle. Listen to ‘Mind Games’, live Sunday 7PM […]


Player One Reviews: Hand of Fate 2

The game begins, the cards are shuffled and dealt and the Dealer motions for you to begin. Next thing you know you’ve […]

New study says video games help with stress relief, socializing, and mental health

Getting home from work and unwinding by playing Battlefield 1 on the Xbox or waking up on Saturday morning to play Splatoon […]