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Trans Fundraising, Bathroom Selfies, Queer Gyms and Multiple Closets: 01.05.2016


On this week’s episode of Queeries:


Selene, Tara and Christian talk to Spencer Gorman about his fundraising event for chest surgery: Spencer Needs To Get Something Off His Chest.

The event is to raise money for his top surgery, and will be held on Thursday May 5th at The Old Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Poster artwork by Warrick Beanland.

The team also discussed the anti-trans bathroom laws made by North Carolina in the US, and the protest selfies that followed that may have done harm by reinforcing the notion that trans people need to ‘pass’ to be accepted.

After learning that a Queer Gym has opened in Oakland, San Francisco, Spencer, Selene, Tara and Christian discuss whether or not they would like to see such a facility here, and the benefits of having an accepting and supportive exercise environment.

And finally, we’ve all heard of ‘coming out of the closet’ – but what happens when you have multiple closets to come out of? Christian, Selene, Tara and special guest Spencer take a look at what it means when being queer, trans, ace/aro or neurodivergent intersect.








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