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SYN TV and Screen

SYN Media is a community of young people who make media across radio, television and online platforms.

We’re looking for anyone aged 12-25 to contribute to our TV and Screen Department.

Whether you want to be in front of or behind the camera – we want you! No prior experience necessary.

You can get involved in our existing productions such as 1700 or The Cut OR you can pitch your own TV/Screen project.

Our new TV and Screen Training will give you the basics of making TV/Screen productions and we provide plenty of opportunities to learn on the job.

Book for November 12 and 19 here

Why get involved?

– Learn new skills in a fun and supportive environment.

– Join a community of young people with a shared passion and interest in media making.

– Build a portfolio of work.

– Make friends and network with others keen to work in the industry.

– Get your work screened on Television or SYN’s online platforms.

– For fun!

The training runs once a month over 2 Saturdays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

The course covers the basics of producing TV and Screen content at SYN. At only 8 hours in total the course won’t cover everything, but you’ll get a chance to learn some basic theory, technical operation and how to make a production at SYN. The course also acts as your legal induction as a SYN volunteer – taking you through our policies, procedures and processes.

Upon completion of the course you’ll have access to SYN’s TV and Screen equipment, but most importantly – access to our community of young media makers.

I’ve previously done a TV or Screen course/have industry experience. Do I have to attend?

Yes, SYN is legally required to give you a full and proper induction into the organisation. We recognise the course may be basic, but it’s intended to give you a grounding in how SYN as an organisation works. You’re joining a community, so this is your chance to meet people in that community and contribute to your group’s collective knowledge.

Why does it cost to volunteer?

SYN is a not for profit, community and volunteer driven organisation. Your training fee and membership goes towards covering the costs of your participation. SYN undertakes other income generating activities to keep the cost to you as low as we can. Think of the cost like paying for fees at your local sporting club –  paying your training and membership ensures we can pay for studio costs, administration, printing, etc. Ultimately once you are involved in the community you are receiving much more value than your initial fees.