Twin Sister – In Heaven

Twin Sister’s album In Heaven is exactly as the title suggests. It is what death would sound like if one died from an excess of happiness. The Long Island based group returns with their LP which blends dreamy pop with ambient disco beats to create an ethereal chillwave album.  The first track ‘Daniel’ from In Heaven lures you in with the haunting vibraphone and whimsical accompaniment from the guitar and synthetic drumbeats. The vocals from lead singer Andrea Estella are like a whispering in your ear telling tales of lost love. This song wouldn’t be out of place in a Sophia Coppola film and as the opening track, it sets a high standard for the album.  Estella’s childlike voice is sublimely harmonised with band members in ‘Stop’ and complemented by the string arrangement and warped guitar. The album continues to subtlety evoke a feel good mood on each track with the underlying beat making you want to wiggle those hips. ‘Bad Street’ has a real funk feeling to it and ‘Gene Ciampi’ is quirky and cute.  The lyrics from In Dreams read like a collection of diary entries each providing a snapshot about lust and never fully realised dreams. The production values are impeccable and most of the songs on the album are characterised by the reverb drenched vocals, eccentric percussion and synths. Twin Sister’s sound on this album evokes a hazy nostalgia at times and there is distinct lightness that is breathtaking. Each song is unique in it’s own right but the album as a whole flows effortlessly. This is the perfect album to lift your mood and give you a cheeky smile. The catchy melodies and riffs on In Heaven will linger and echo in your memory well after listening.  by Kate Dean

October 18th 2011
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