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TYTF Podcast 05: Marli and Me

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Zach and Charlie Present:

TYTF Podcast Episode 05 – Marli & Me

On this weeks show, Zach has an insightful chat with Melbourne based singer-songwriter/producer, Marli Grosskopf, about her experience in trying to break into the music industry. With Charlie stuck in an exam, Marls sticks around to give Zach some much needed advice regarding his 15 year-old sister, and gives a (much needed) feminine take on some classic ‘cute or crazy’ stories.

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  1. 501's - Fortunes.
  2. My Boy - Marli Grosskopf
  3. TOGETHER - KAYTRANADA, Aluna George
  4. You Got Me - The Roots, Erykah Badu
  5. Summer Sun - Few Bits


Marli Grosskopf

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