“unprofitable servant” – THE BONNIWELLS

Channeling the punk ethic of yesteryear and
combining a marriage of super-cool garage,
hyperactive surf guitar, gymnastic mod out-takes,
swampy badass, and garage explosions comes the
debut CD Unprofitable Servant by Melbourne trio
The Bonniwells, due for release in late November,
2010 on Z-Man Records.

Unprofitable Servant is reminiscent of dropping a
coin in an interpretive 60s psych-garage jukebox….
their music comes at you like a king wave of
jangled guitars, screams and howls, and a driving
rhythmic drum beat. The band features members of
The Frowning Clouds, Bleach and Last Gypsys.
The Bonniwells is what happens when you combine
three rascals muddling about in their garages,
coupled with a box of matches and steady diet of
The Cramps, The Sonics, Brian Jonestown Massacre,
Black Lips, Daniel Johnson, The Monks, and Thee Oh
Sees. They produce sounds that are guaranteed to
crack your finest china with their libidinous howls.

Whilst gnawing on the bones of yesterday,
and consisting of Marck Dean (vocals/guitar), John
Waddell (bass) and Zac Olsen (drums), The
Bonniwells manage to somehow produce a fresh
take on the past, whilst creating an in-sound of now
with their musical collaborations.

Having played consistently around Melbourne
recently including residencies at Cherry and The
Grace Darling, The Bonniwells will be launching the
album late December. More details soon.
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