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Upcoming Metal – February


Since we are always keeping an eye out from upcoming tracks to spin, we thought we might help you keep up to date with what to look out for each month. Here some of the albums we are already enjoying and can’t wait for in February:

Rituals – Rotting Christ 
II – Magrudergrind
Visions Of An Exhalted Lucifer – Cirith Gorgor Official
Aeons In Sodom – Urgehal
Legacy – MYRATH
Necromantic Love Songs – AntropomorphiA

Enchanted By The Blooming Echo – Deep Mountains深山

Ufonaut – Entropia

Shores Of The Abstract Line – Hypno5e
Dig Deep – After The Burial
Denial Of The Scriptures – Fleshgore (Official)
The Great Mortality – The Infernal Sea
Grey Heavens- Omnium Gatherum

Society (EP) – Voivod 
Wildfire – Destroyer 666
Dead Dawn – Entombed A.D.
Värähtelijä – Oranssi pazuzu
Ruins Of Faith – Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts
Blot – Ilt – Taut – Ereb Altor
For All Kings – Anthrax

February 17th 2016
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