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A Valentine’s Day Gift – Season 1 Episode 2 2022

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Happy Valentine’s Day from The Naughty Rude Show¬†💋💋

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This episode we have the greatest Valentine’s gift of all – a whole 40 minutes of Naughty Rude goodness!!! Meet hosts Taymi and Portia as they take you through the good, bad, and great of all things Valentine’s Day! They alongside producers Indi and Zack (who you can meet here) are here to help with all your needs on the most romantic day of the year.

Is Valentine’s Day worth celebrating? Should you confess to your crush on the big day? What makes a great gift? Can a single pringle enjoy the day of love? All these questions and more are tackled this episode so make sure to listen and all will be revealed!

We also answer one of YOUR questions! This week we were asked about the ever important (and wonderful!) lube! We cover the differences between water and silicon based lubes and offer our thoughts on how to get the most bang 😉 for your buck!

If you have a burning question for us, go to for an anonymous submissions form! We also take stories so don’t be afraid to spill some hot tea!


  1. Just Say It - Approachable Members of Your Local Community
  2. Say Nothing - Flume (feat. MAY-A)
  3. Your Power - Billie Eilish
  4. Don't Fit - Noah Kondis
  5. Boomerang - The Merindas
  6. Shoot the Shot - Haiku Hands
  7. My Mind - Baker Boy (feat. G-flip)
  8. When I Get Older - Caisha Sprout
  9. In The Wake Of Your Leave - Gang of Youths
  10. Social Graces - Loose Fit
  11. Treat You Right - The Jungle Giants
  12. Lighthouse - Mattiel
  13. Thief - ella jane
  14. Someday - Two Another
  15. Language of Love - Deuce
  16. The Innocent - Aurora
  17. Midnight Wine - Shannon and the Clams
  18. One Whole Me - Dev Lemons


Executive Producers: Indi Barrow and Zack Goutzoulas
Presenters: Taymouth Brook and Portia Horsfall

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