Vodcast workshops

SYN runs vodcasting workshops for schools, community groups and individuals, both during the school term and over the school holidays.

At the end of this workshop you will have the technical and creative skills to produce, record and edit a vodcast. You will also be able to upload your vodcast to the SYN website and engage with SYN’s online community of youth media-makers.

Vodcasting is a form of expression that involves posting videos to a weblog and encouraging an audience response. It is the next step of participatory media, following text blogging and podcasting. Some people call it video podcasting, others call it vlogging.

Vodcasts often present a diary-style performance by their creators. They are often set in personal spaces like their creators’ bedrooms and homes, and appear ‘raw’ due to the amateur production values.

You can work in pairs to make your Vodcasts. You can either make separate segments helping one another with the technical aspects or you can work on a segment together where each person presents part of the segment and both people produce the final piece together.


Preparing = watching vodcasts and thinking about the kind of vodcasts you will make.

Planning = creating, outlining and scripting your ideas and materials

Recording = producing high quality video

Editing = cleaning up and shaping your video blog

Reviewing = assessing and revising the final video blog

Publishing = updating your video blog

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