I often find myself thinking back to some of the earlier bands I listened to when I was younger that got me into the music I listen to today.   I grew up on bands like The Sweet, Kiss, The Offspring, System Of A Down, The Darkness, Nirvana so I’ve always been around rock music and have always had a special place in my heart for it!

It wasn’t until I was about fifteen or sixteen when we got the internet and I was able to broaden my taste in music from the same old stuff you’d hear on mainstream radio day after day.   I found myself gravitating towards punk rock and pop punk genres when I discovered bands like Screeching Weasel, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Paramore, We Are The Ocean and Infinities End.   Once I started listening to those bands, the avalanche had started and wasn’t about to slow down! I couldn’t get enough!  I discovered The Racket and Short, Fast Loud on Triple J which played punk and hardcore music as well as metal and found myself tuning in every Wednesday and Thursday night to listen.

Via Youtube I discovered Eyes Set To Kill, the band that very first  introduced me to heavier music with screaming as well as singing and I spent the next few years trying to force this wonderful discovery on my unfortunate family and friends. I discovered more and more new bands which have progressively gotten heavier and heavier as I’ve gotten older.

When I was about eleven or twelve, I was flicking through the channels on the t.v when I came across a song playing on Rage.  I still don’t know what made me stop here, whether it was the guitars, the vocals, the riff, whatever it was, it absolutley blew my mind.  I had never heard anything like it before; it was so heavy, so angry and all to soon the song finished, but it stuck with me for years. Even though I didn’t know what it was called or who it was by or even how it went, I remembered the way I snapped into focus when I first heard it playing and how I was hooked right until it ended.

A few weeks ago, I came across a video clip on Youtube that I’m sure a lot of metal fans would be familiar with.  It was a song called Walk by Pantera, a song I had completely forgotten about up until now. I had just started listening to Pantera and was about to search Shedding Skin to play to my brother (I am still trying to convert him to heavy music).  I typed in the band name and Walk was the first result.  Something in my mind clicked, and rather than playing the song I was originally searching for, I played Walk instead and I nearly lost my mind when I realised it was the long lost song I fell in love with over ten years ago.

It was released around the same year as I was born, so obviously it was pretty old by the time I discovered it, but it really hasn’t aged at all.  Its still awesome and it’s message is still relevant today.If I was to pick a moment in time or one song in particular that got me into metal, I would have to say that was the song. 

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