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The team involved in Lifeline's five-year partnership with Victoria University, including press conference speakers Lifeline Australia CEO Colin Seery, Victoria University Vice Chancellor Prof. Adam Shoemaker, Western Bulldogs Community Foundation General Manager Kashif Bouns, Lifeline Crisis Support Trainer Prathiti Shah, and Victoria University Deputy Vice Chancellor of Partnerships Hon. Wade Noonan

Lifeline Comes to Western Melbourne as Calls Surge

Mental health support service Lifeline has set up shop in Western Melbourne after a surge in demand from people in the region. […]

Sammy J as various satirical alter-egos for his show 'Good Hustle'

Sammy J on Political Clowns and Clowning Politicians

Bridie Golding, Nyah Barnes and Freddie Moffat interviewed comedian Sammy J about his show Good Hustle. Press play to listen (refresh if you […]

Represent website resized (1365 × 768 px)

Represent Youth Debate | State Election 2022

Join Mimi, Bridie and George as they moderate Represent’s first live debate.