Waves from within By Dusty Ohms (EP) review


Waves from Within is a five-track music project from Dusty Ohms. The music within the EP are beats that are bouncy, wonky, bassy, drum strong, vibe strong. Reviewer selections South street slippin and Back in the bits. The EP is released through Melbourne’s well-known record Label Uncomfortable Beats. Waves from within is the beatmakers’ first full EP release and one to get your attention. The EP is created with analog equipment and gear such as a dusty old 12 channel mixer and effects.An EP recommended to anyone who enjoys beats.

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Youtube Link to South Street Slippin By Dusty Ohms:


  1. Shirokane - Dusty Ohms
  2. Back in the Bits - Dusty Ohms
  3. South sreet slippin - Dusty Ohms
  4. Liquid Squares - Dusty Ohms
  5. Heavy Hearts - Dusty Ohms