WEB DOCO REVIEW: Outside the Ring


Pro Wrestling in the Land Down Under

Professional wrestling. Yeah, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. That soap opera with big men and outlandish theatrics you came across on TV. But what’s it all about?

Look no further than the interactive web documentary, Outside the Ring. Filmed and produced by an independent group led by Troy McVay, it features local talent from Melbourne-based wrestling promotion Professional Championship Wrestling and their fans telling the tales of the ropes, and shining a light on the unique Australian experience

Professional Championship Wrestling is one of Australia’s leading wrestling promotions, running weekly live events and producing the next generation of talent at the PCW Academy.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) isn’t the be-all-and-end-all. Every pro wrestler starts somewhere – There are several PCW alumni who have found success around the world, and many more leading Aussie performers who have walked through PCW’s doors.

Outside the Ring follows performers Trikki, the Royalty (Sammy Falcon and Bianka) and Waik, as they share their experiences in the wrestling business. Revealing their training, character development and screen/backstage relationships, the doco humanizes the people behind the larger-than-life personalities.

“There’s no off season,” says Trikki, current official Operations Manager and a 15-year veteran at PCW.

For these everyday Aussies, the grind is real. Their drive and passion is highlighted in routine training, event co-ordinating and performing. Particularly in the early moments of Trikki’s segment, where he is pictured training a young student in the humble academy, a week before hitting the live show, the folk at PCW demonstrably devote their life to the business out of sheer love.

“I worry in the sense that I don’t want anyone to think I’m a jerk, but at the same time, that’s why I’m here. That’s what I do,” Sammy Falcon from ‘The Royalty’ duo reflects on how his ‘bad guy’ character might be perceived by onlookers.

When you’re so close to the business, you admittedly are at risk of losing yourself to it.

“We do try to keep our personal lives away from Sammy and Bianka (their in-ring persona’s) so it’s not always about wrestling… We try to take at least a weekend, or maybe a day, so that we can just be us,” Bianka says.

Pro wrestling – It’s the only place you’ll see Twiztid-inspired face paint and relentless stunts without hesitation. Except maybe at the Gathering of the Juggalos Festival, but that’s an entire enigma in itself. Wrestling fans are a community built around an appreciation of ‘sports entertainment’, for all its trials and triumphs. Fans and professionals agree that the combination of physicality, drama and storyline make wrestling one hell of a unique art form that deserves all the recognition in the world.

“We all know what wrestling is… they [the wrestlers] train very hard to do what they do,” Trikki says in response to the stigma of it being a ‘fake’ sport, “they want to see a car crash. They want to see the tires skid.”

Above everything, the doco hints at the brutalities and truths that occur beneath the surface. From mat bumps to battered and bruised backs, PCW want you to know that they are legit.

Outside the Ring reveals slithers of the inner workings of the industry, fostering gratitude for both the intricacies and the grandeur that supporters and wrestlers alike are drawn to.

Words by Erin Dick.

You can view Outside the Ring here: http://pcwentertainment.com/otr/

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