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So you’ve had an awesome gig or interview and you got a couple of photos of this world changing event* that you want to share with the world (and you’ve made sure that these photos were taken in landscape because portrait is actually the worst).

Problem is that this website only lets you upload one photo at a time and it is a bit tricky to master… no worries we’ve got a fix! 

The fix involves using an external photo sharing site and embeding this into our site, for this example I’m going to use Photobucket – but this is not an endorsement, if you have a preferred photo sharing embeding website (like most cool digitally literate yoof) then use that, it will probably work.

1) Create a Photobucket account  (I recommend something like your showname then syn so if Get Cereal was to do this it would be getcerealsyn, if you are a flagship make sure you note your username and password in your Google Drive account so that you can access it in the future and so that others can access it down the line as well). 

2) Click upload, and upload (in the top left of the upload box, you’ll be asked where to upload to, create a new Album here)

3) Upload your desired photos

4) Click your Photobucket profile image to go back to your profile from here click ‘view library’

5) In the bottom section of the page you’ll see your albums, click on the one you want 

6) On the right hand side of the page you’ll see a bunch of code click the box that says HTML embed, this will copy the code for you 

7) Now to go to the blog post and go into edit mode, fill out the title, description and upload a main image as you normally would. Then click the link that says ‘switch to plain text editor’ (its under the body text box) 

7) CODE! ALL I SEE IS CODE! This is the fun part, don’t touch the existing code but click the blank space where there is no code (make sure there isn’t any code under this blank space) now just paste the code you copied from Photobucket and save the edits… you’re done!​

Any questions? Just email me at [email protected]

*world changing is subjective so really anything is world changing, the new font I now use in emails…world changing 


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