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A daily digest of the most interesting election coverage from anywhere.

What’s your politics?
The Australian + news.com.au
You may remember this from such sites as: Facebook. It’s a quiz which will tell you which historical world leader you’re most like, and then which Australian party you should vote for. The ‘making-of’ article is also really interesting.
New voting methods and fair election
The New Yorker
A review of two books which look at the different electoral systems around the world. Australia gets a look-in – the authors like our ‘instant run-off’ method, known to us as preferential voting.
Julia Gillard ahead in marginal Corangamite
Geelong Advertiser
This old-school Liberal seat went to Labor in 2007. Many pundits are tipping it to go back to the Liberals this time round, but the local paper reckons Labor might hold on to it.
Parody predictions
ABC The Drum 
Marieke Hardy writes: much will be made of Gillard’s clothes, funny photos will be taken of Peter Garrett, and everyone will become an election expert.
Great Big New Taco
Jonathan Green’s campaign blog (ABC, ex-Crikey)
Best photo caption of the campaign so far.
And the old stalwarts:
Australia Votes 2010
The ABC’s most ambitious election coverage yet. Combining political content from across ABC radio and TV, expert opinion from Annabel Crabb and Chris Uhlmann, and an up-to-the-minute feed of news from the campaign trail.
Easy Election Guide
The most straightforward election site we’ve ever seen. Broken down by issue, News presents just the facts, with links to further info.


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