“Where Are They Now…” – Bingethinkers

While there has been steady progression in different local music genres, nothing can be compared to the progression of Aussie hip-hop in the last decade. Going from an attempt at sounding American our Australian hip-hop MC’s have created their own sound and style which is what makes the Bingethinkers so damn hard to stop listening to.
These guys have been perfecting their craft in Sydney for 5 years now only releasing their debut album Where Are They Now… in February. Featuring MC Rinse on the mic, DJ 2Buck on the decks, and producers Aeon and PSYKEone doing an amazing job on the beats of this album. Apart from the Bingethinkers some other great talent is featured on this album, with collaborations with such talent as Mantra, Newsense, Swarmy, Dialectrix and Vida Sunshine.
Tracks such as ‘News Report’ offers us a party vibe, while ‘Sick’ features as an outlet track with a more angry and serious delivery. ‘Aus Stylin’ expresses the pride Aussie MC’s have behind their style, and our ever growing Hip Hop culture. Vida Sunshine does a great job in this track creating an incredibly catchy chorus.
Beats are one of hip-hop’s biggest weapons and Aeon and PSYKEone deliver exceptionally well. With crisp production values it was difficult not to enjoy particular such songs as ‘The Bust’, delivering an old skool feel that I couldn’t help but bob my head up and down to.
With Aussie Hip-Hop blowing up right now one thing is certain, the Bingethinkers are for real. Let’s hope that the follow up takes a little bit less than 5 years to drop!
-Denis Shkuratov
(The Hoist, 7-8pm weekdays on SYN)