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‘Where Do The Artists Turn?’ by Danni Stewart


It’s hard to survive as an artist or someone working in the creative sector at the best of times, and now the arts are one of the hardest hit industries by this crisis. We’re all turning to art to entertain and comfort ourselves in isolation, but what support is being provided for the artists?

Producer: Danni Stewart

Supervising Producer: Allison Chan

Listen to the full episode: #421 Can’t Pay My Rent

Initiatives mentioned in this story:

Moogahlin Performing Arts

You can find performances from Dobby and a whole lot more on the Moogahlin Performing Arts Facebook page.

First peoples keen to perform can get involved here.

Distance Between Us

Check out the #distancebetweenus program to organise a spirit lifting, moral boosting, mind soothing live performance to take the edge off zoom meetings.

Create or Die

Create or Die’s livestream performances are streamed on their Facebook page. You can tune in to Queer and Loud TV every Friday night and Create or Die Live sessions every Saturday.

Hot Mess

#payitforward and buy a ticket for a future season of Courtney’s play.

‘Hot Mess’ is years in the making and is bound to bring you much needed comedic relief, post-lockdown. The show revolves around stories, secrets and scandals that are revealed in the forced intimacy of a female toilet.

Music: ‘Ode to a.D.’ by Dobby (Sydney), Moogahlin Performing Arts BN Live performance from Dobby, ‘Anxiety Wars’ by Gelareh Pour (Melbourne), ‘Songlife’ by Steve Spacek (Sydney), ‘I’m Every Woman’ by Chaka Khan, ‘A Song For The Artists’ By Martin Ingle and Sheldon Jadamson (Brisbane), and original music composition by Danni Stewart.

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