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Wintersun | Album Release: The Forest Seasons | Interview


Wintersun, a 4 piece melodic death metal band from Helsinki, Finland, are releasing their third full-length studio album this year.  This album is 53 minutes long and follows the concept of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”, but will feature death metal on four massive tracks.  Before the release of the album, they have launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a new Wintersun headquarters.


Ellen Rosie, from the Moshpit on SYN caught up with Jukka Koskinen, the bass player for Wintersun, to find out more about the album release and crowd funding campaign.

Tell us a little about the new album The Forest Seasons, where did you get the idea to follow the concept of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons?

The original idea came from the forest. Jari was wandering the woods and got the inspiration to make a song of the beauty and majesty of nature. The first songs as we know now “The Forest that Weeps” was composed. Later on he thought to reflect the other seasons and their atmosphere to other songs, there Vivaldi’s four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) came in as a thematic inspiration, not music wise. The Forest Seasons album is about the birth and death, and in between and beyond.

How do you think the album will be received by fans and the public as it only has 4 tracks?

The album is 54+ minutes so it’s more than your average full-length. All the four songs are 10+ minutes so epic journeys in all of them:

The opening track Awaken from the Dark Slumber, the spring song, is about when everything comes to life after winter’s dark times. It’s also how you yourself wake up from a coma that you have been in your whole life possibly. The song is split in two parts and is very uplifting though it has a dark first half, presenting the dream and the second part, presenting the awakening.

The summer song, The Forest that Weeps, is an majestic male choir driven song that shows the harshness of the summer that can happen in the north, greyness and rain – hard for your mentality when the sun is gone even sometimes in the summer.

The autumn song, Eternal Darkeness, is by far the most brutal song by Wintersun. This monster is about all dying, death, dark times like in the autumn, almost unbearably hard for mentality – our black metal beast.

The winter song, Loneliness, is a slower tempo song with beautiful clean vocals and melodies. A song about melancholia, loneliness though somehow a peaceful feel in it.

These four songs form an absolutely great concept, merging the different elements (from each season) into a complete whole as an album.

Who came up with the idea to crowdfund to raise money for the Wintersun Headquarters?

Actually the idea came from our dear fans in the first place. We started to think of this option and it really made sense to get out from this unfortunate situation we have been without the needed resources. Of course this needed to be something truly special and therefore required a lot of work to make content that is unique and majestic for the fans. We came up with the Forest Package and the response has been great from our dear fans – the kind we wanted to have!

You have a festival tour coming up this year, what do you most look forward to about playing at festivals?

It’s great to be back on the road since 2015. Especially this year it’s great to be playing at new festivals and countries we haven’t visited before. We are excited to play the new material live of course to bring fresh music for our live set but of course most of all we are looking forward to have great time with all the people at the concerts – share something special together!

Lastly, you are starting off 2017 with a bang, releasing your third studio album, how do you feel the rest of the year will go?

There really has been a band indeed how the crowdfunding is going and the best is to see how people understand us and wan’t to support our journey together. I believe we will be an example for other bands to follow in the crowdfunding path but also Wintersun will break new ground with this successful campaign as well. Hopefully we will get a lot of shows for this year since it’s really time to hit the road and reach new people to hear the epic story of Wintersun!


ORDER THE NEW ALBUM HERE: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wintersun-crowdfunding


Written by Ellen Rosie

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @moshpitsyn

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