Work Exp Day 1

 This is where I will be spending the next couple hours of my life 😀 So, hi, I’m Karl and I’m the latest in a long line of people to start their work experience at SYN 😛 So far its been really kinda nice. The people here are great and the atmosphere is just generally pretty inviting and laid back. I’m kinda excited for the rest of the week and hopefully it’ll run as smoothly as today. We packed CDs, which may not sound that exciting but the said I could take whichever ones I wanted which is why I have a pile of 37 CDs here, all from bands I’ve never heard of. This should be fun (and its a bit greedy but I could never resist free CDs) . Going on Objection, one of the programs on SYN, was a bit of a “whoa what” moment but it was fun and I managed to win the quiz somehow, apparently. Forgot to take lunch other than an apple, and since I didn’t have any money, it meant I was pretty hungry and running on fumes by the end, especially during Objection.  The dude who happens to be doing work experience during the same week, Jaeger (pretty sure that’s right), is pretty cool and seems to know his stuff well and yeah the rest of the people are as warm and welcoming as can be. Its rly interesting to see how radio stations actually work and see how some of it is scripted and worked to perfection before it reaches listeners ears and some of it is touch and go. I think thats enough writing from me, the later ones will almost definitely not be so verbose and wordy.  Sayonara xoxo Karl

September 9th 2013
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