Work Exp Day 5

Hi guys, so this totally isnt being written 5 minutes after Day 4 Blobfish (aka totally not Travis) Today has been alternating between utterly absurdly rushed and really chill. We got here and were instantly chucked into the deep end and had to prepare for an hour long radio session. I was searching through a ton of music i could play and i think ended up with a decent enough playlist. The speaking bits also we pretty good too. Obviously having only known eachother for less than a week theres still not a lot of ~chemistry~ 😛 between us but i think we did well with a quite alarming range of topics that always ended up with Travis, who is probably viewed as some kind of mutant blobfish by our listeners (thats how we ended up describing him, in whats probably not a very flattering description) The rest of the day is just stuff… we’re gonna finish early (at about 4pm) because they havent really got anything for us to do… its fairly easy stuff now… but radio is a lot more fun then i thought… and a ton less organised, stuff just really happens when it wants to happen and it tends to end up ok. Over all this week has been a total blast, with all the different stuff we’ve done… im seriously considering doing something like this as work and get paid for this. Im having a lot more fun than i thought, even news bulletins are fun stuff. Anyway of tonight I’m gonna see sharknado with a friend and then on sunday im flying to germany which should be amazing and i even got to go to the frankfurt motor show again, which is mindblowing for a car/tech nerd like me 😀 Karl

September 13th 2013
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