Work Experience

Applications for the 2020 Work Experience Program are now OPEN!


The SYN Work Experience program is a week long program offered to Year 9 & 10 students.

The program immerses students into media making, giving them the opportunity to participate in live radio and television, produce podcasts, write blogs and get first hand experience in SYN and the wider media.

The daily hours for the program are 1pm-7pm approx (varied from day to day).

As SYN has a small amount of staff members, we can only offer work experience for the following dates:
  • APRIL – 6/4 to 10/4
  • MAY – 4/5 to 8/5
  • JUNE – 8/6 to 12/6
  • JULY – 6/7 to 10/7
  • AUGUST – 3/8 to 7/8
  • SEPTEMBER – 7/9 to 11/9
  • OCTOBER – 5/10 to 9/10

Work experience at SYN is competitive; we can only take a few students per month, so we ask you to fill out this application form.

NOTE: We only accept applications from students themselves. It’s part of the whole ‘work experience’ experience! If your application is filled out by a Teacher or Parent, it will not be considered.

Read what our previous Work Experience students have been up to:

Work Experience


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