Old: The Closest Thing We’ll Have To A Shyamalan Comedy

Screener provided by Universal Pictures Words By Arnel Duracak “Old is another film that reminds audiences that Shyamalan isn’t stopping for anyone” Having […]


Nine Days: A Sci-Fi Drama With A Committed Cast, That Is Too Caught Up In Its Own Ambition

Screening provided by Sony Pictures Words By Arnel Duracak “…the film quickly becomes more interested in the ideas and metaphors that underpin it […]


Looking Ahead To The 69th Annual MIFF And What’s On Offer

Words By Arnel Duracak After having managed to operate and deliver an online film festival for the first time during COVID in […]


Space Jam: A New Legacy: Lebron And The Looney Tunes Team Up Against Don Cheadle

Screening provided by Universal Pictures Words By Arnel Duracak “…a wild and entertaining ride that is non-stop and constant throughout, and for the […]


In The Heights: Musicals Are Back And The Enjoyment Is Immeasurable

Screening provided by Universal Pictures Words By Arnel Duracak “…In The Heights is the feel good movie of 2021…” Whatever your thoughts may be on […]


Luca: A Commercial For Vespa, A Lot Of Colour, A Welcome Pixar Film

Words By Arnel Duracak “…a reminder that diversity and difference are what make us who we are” Unlike Pixar’s large catalogue of […]


Percy Vs Goliath: A Welcome Addition To The Onscreen Battle Between Sole Traders And Large Corporations

Words By Arnel Duracak “…Percy Vs Goliath reminds audiences that sometimes, the little guy can upend the big guy as well” The big […]


Minamata: Johnny Depp Shines In Sombre Look At Japanese Mercury Poisoning Issue

Words By Arnel Duracak “…Minamata gets the best out of Depp, but doesn’t add much to the findings on the issue at hand” […]


Those Who Wish Me Dead: Angelina Jolie Emerges From The Fire In A Mediocre Action Thriller

Screening provided by Universal Pictures Words By Arnel Duracak “…a thriller that has all the right materials on the surface, but doesn’t offer […]


Mortal Kombat: A Relatively Enjoyable Return To The Gory Series

Screening provided by Universal Pictures Words By Arnel Duracak “Mortal Kombat is at its best when it goes into full fatality mode, though its […]