Interview – Breaking Orbit

Hammy, Jack and Scott chat to Ayden Mitrovich, bassist and vocalist of alternative/progressive rock group Breaking Orbit about their latest single Become […]


Episode 20: Scars, Subways and Sister Act

Murphy and Tom are joined by Doug Gordon and Brett Blake to discuss alligators, asking for directions, tipped cars, sperm machines, nuns, […]


Tuesday 08/07/14 Interview- Darcy Fox, Imogen Clark & Paige Renee Court- A Tale of Three Cities Tour @ Revolver

On Tuesday night Gloria was lucky enough to be joined by Darcy Fox, Imogen Clark and Paige Renee Court. The trio from […]


LEACH ON SOCIETY Podcast Episode 9 Friday 27-6-2014

What’s the Leach on Society podcast difference? Take an editorial from Dylan followed by a chat about what’s happening at the FIFA […]


Bush doofs: more than just a stoners paradise?

An 18-year old NSW boy survived at 80 metre fall after trying to sneak in to the ‘bush doof’ Solstium Shadows over […]


Thursday: Dream Interpreter III

Murphy and Steph from the Thursday team, backed up by Dream Interpreting young gun Sophie (Claire’s stand in while she’s away) dive again into the mysteries of their dreams – what will they decipher […]


LEACH ON SOCIETY Podcast Episode 7 Friday 13-6-2014

In this episode of Leach On Society Victorian Senator Elect Ricky Muir from the Motoring Enthusiast Party is the special guest on […]


Season 01, Week 11 – Robin Hood in the Media with Guest

Host Erik Magister is joined by friend Jack to talk about Robin Hood in the media.   AIRED: 07/06/2014, SYN Nation   […]


Season 01, Week 10 – Disney Animated Films with Guest

Amy joins host Erik Magister to chat about Disney Animated Films.   AIRED: 31/05/2014, SYN Nation   FIND OUT MORE: Offical Site: […]


Season 01, Week 09 – Douglas Adams

Aired the day before 25th of May, known to some as “Geek Pride Day”, but also holds a distinctive place in Nerd-dom […]