Elvis Richardson for Lost and Profound Interview

Hosts David and Made spoke with artist Elvis Richardson about her upcoming exhibition, Lost and Profound, down at Getrude Contemporary.  


Interview 5.5 Christina Russo and Michael Petruccelli

 Christina Russo and Michael Petruccelli chatted with Maria, Aimee and Christian about their experiences in the ANZAC day memorial show and their […]


Get Cereal Playlists, 21/4, 12/5, 19/5

  21/4 1.     Elana Stone – Steely Dan  2.     Nervo- It Feels 3.     Gang Of Youths- Magnolia 4.    […]


Lack of females in the film industry

A number of prominant actors and actresses, including Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep are calling for there to be more […]


Playlist 16/6/15

Playlist 16/6/15 Artist- Song title 1. Courtney Barnett- Avant Gardener 2. Tobias Jesso Jr-     Hollywood        3.    Golden Features – No One (ft. […]


Season 2 Episode 2 25.05.14

This week we look at the long-forgotten stories of women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians at Gallipoli, how the state […]


Get Cereal Playlist 02/06/2015

Big White – You Know I Love You (AUS SWEET 16) 3.10 2.Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby Inkswel- Delaide Reaction ft Gary […]


Get Cereal Playlist 26/5

1. Eves The Behavior – Electrical (AUS SWEET 16) 2.    Madisen Ward & The Mamma Bear- Yellow Taxi 3. Ceremony – Your […]

Alex Attempts Puns on Get Cereal

Producer Alex attempted to make some puns on Tuesday, some of them were Pun-bearable. Christian chimed in with his own Pun-ishment, you […]