The Classic Hour: 3 – Frat Partys & dating

Frat Party, Paying th bill on a date, Stephen Hawking, Animal facts and the friend’s role on a date.


Interview – Curator Kirsty Grant – Mid-Century Australian Furniture Design – NGV

Earlier in the week Holly from Art Smitten had the amazing opportunity of chatting to Kirsty Grant the curator of the mid-century […]


The Graduates #2: Cover letters & key selection criteria. Woo!

What makes a sexy cover letter? Or at least one that won’t end up in the bin rather than the interview pile? […]


Thursday 10/04/14 Interview – Yhan Leal @ Open Studio

Ahead of his performance at Open Studio (Northcote), Yhan Leal stopped by and had a chat with Ken and Issy. Telling us […]

Experts criticise DNA collection regulations

Recently experts have questioned the laws surrounding DNA sampling, in particular, the covert ways police aquire DNA from suspects. Police do not […]


“Cutting Edge” (March 15, 2014)

On this episode of A Science Story, we’re doing something a little bit different. We are 100% live: no sound effects, no prerecording. […]