In the hour – Animals in Captivity

A gorilla being shot and a shark being killed, all in the space of a week. Are humans more of a harm […]

In The Hour – Zika Virus

There’s been major dicussion over whether or not the 2016 Olympics should be cancelled due to the widespread Zika virus. Aimee and […]

In The Hour – The Nemo shortage!

This week we discuss the movie Finding Nemo, and the causes its having on the very popular clown fish! 


Cute animals – In The Hour

Do you ever see a really cute animal and you kinda want to crush it – out of sheer cutness?! Well its […]


In The Hour -Super Models

When you think of super models, what names come to you first? After reading an article about this term, is it relevant […]


In The Hour -Ghost Busters

We discuss the latest Ghost Busters film, with the all female cast and the backlash it has attracted. Is this backlash warrented? […]


In The Hour -Living with Kleptomania

We discuss this issue of Kleptomania and what stems this illness. 


In The Hour – Coachella and cultural appropriation

This week we discuss the music festival Coachella and the outfits that go along with this event! Are they always culturally appropriate? 


In The Hour: Alex Rance Melbourne Game

Richmond player Alex Rance, punched Melbourne Player Jack Watts in back of the head. Coward punches are totally unaccceptable and dangerous, Josh […]


In the hour- Shapes new recipe

We discuss the snack Shapes, and their new recipe. Has it been improved for no reason?!