Halloween Themed Boogie Wonderland Playlist 30 Oct 2016

Special Halloween themed playlist for this Hallows eve!


Boogie Wonderland 24 Oct 2016

photo of Total Giovanni c.o. Lucifers Monocle

Chelsea Brown


Some fun tracks a perfect distraction from the driving Melbourne rain. Thanks as usual to DJ Kinetic and his Aussie Funk blog for some […]


Taylor Payne Interview

Matt, Rosa and Mariah spoke to the lovely Taylor Payne about writing songs since she was a kid, fun music videos and […]

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The Harlots Interview

Pat and Dave from The Harlots joined the full cast of the Tuesday night Hoist crew, Matt, Rosa and Mariah. They talked […]


Magnus Interview

Rosa and Jacqui speak to Arne from Magnus from the road. We chat about their residency at Cherry Bar, touring and how […]


General Men Interview

Sam, General Men’s premier bassist joins Rosa and Laura in The Hoist studio to discuss their recent double A side, their residency […]

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Braille Face Interview

Rosa and guest cohost, Laura were stoked to chat to Braille Face aka Jordan White about making an album a month, Japan and […]


Dallas Frasca Interview

Jacqui and Rosa spoke to the incredible Dallas Frasca about her illustrious career, recent accidents and band changes as well as the […]


Alex The Kid Interview

Jacqui and Rosa spoke to Alex The Kid from Geraldton, WA about their upcoming record as well as their awesome video clip. Take a […]