Guantanamo Bay closure in the near future unrealistic

When Barack Obama signed the executive order to close Guantanamo Bay within a year in 2009 people rejoiced.  Six years on and […]

IV – CEO Parkinson’s VIC 28/07/15

Get Cereal Tuesday’s Scott and Troy interviewed the CEO of Parkinson’s Victoria Emma Collin to talk about their annual fundraiser ‘A Walk […]


The Hoist: Ras Jahknow IV and Live Performance (13.07.15)

Ben, Stefan and Bec were joined in studio by reggae superstar Ras Jahknow. They chatted about new single “Ja Sta Li”, his […]

Swinburne on SYN – Michelle, Josh & Courtney talk about bad habits and weird traits – July 14

Michelle, Josh and Courtney discuss their bad habits and weird traits on their first show on SYN 90.7

Get Cereal Playlist 14/07/2015

Check out the playlist for 14/07/2015 Get Cereal – The first Tuesday show for Season 3! 


IV – Brook Andrew 14/07/2015

Get Cereal Tuesday’s Troy and Producer Nat had a phone interview with artist Brook Andrew. They discussed his collaboration with RMIT Design […]