Review: Songs for Jack

A sentimental, simple show that truly comes from the heart   Songs for Jack is a show that transports you to the […]


Review: Melbourne Winter Masterpieces – Van Gogh and the Seasons

“I myself almost don’t know which season I like best;  I believe all of them equally well” -Van Gogh London 1873 The […]


Review: Arrival

Arrival is the latest film by Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, written by Eric Heisserer and adapted from a short story by Ted […]


REVIEW: Identities are Changeable

  Lead by renowned saxophonist, Miguel Zenon, Identities are Changeable is a rhythmic and soulful work that explored themes of belonging, heritage […]


Playlist 2.08 June 7

1.  Panama Song: Jungle 2. Briana Marela: Surrender 3. Hudson Mohawke: Scud Books 4. Day Ravies: Fake Beach 5. Street Party in […]