Playlist: Episode 4, May 8

1. Christophe Maé – Maman 2. Pendulum – ABC Theme (Remix) 3. Radiohead – Talk Show Host 4. The Avalanches – Frontier […]


Memorable Endings

From Harry Potter to The Great Gatsby to Inception: endings that stick in your mind, for better or for worse. What are yours? Let us know on […]


Penguin Classics: The Beach

All you need to know about Penguin Classics, so you can sound cultured and informed at nerdy parties. This week Alice tells […]


Playlist: Episode 3, May 1

1. Aldous Harding – Beast 2. Bon Iver – Perth 3. All Saints – Pure Shores 4. David Bowie – 1984


Christian Boer: Dyslexie font

A typeface to help people with dyslexia – graphic designer and Dyslexie font creator Christian Boer explains his own struggles with dyslexia […]


1984 Appendix

Does the appendix of George Orwell’s 1984, explaining Newspeak in the past tense, make the novel hopeful rather than depressing? Listener Jasper thinks so […]