The Show Show Episode 5

This episode features:   The Patent Office Episode 5 Written and Performed by Murphy McLachlan & Mitch McTaggart.   Zjecargo and Antonio […]


The Show Show Episode 4

This episode features:   Office Skit: Jenkins Report   Written by Murphy McLachlan, Tim Clark & Adam Knox. Performed by Tim Clark […]


The Show Show Episode 3

This episode features:   Office Skit: Work Drinks   Written by Murphy McLachlan, Ben Vernel, Rosie Vernel, Tim Clark & Adam Knox. […]


The Show Show Episode 2

This episode features: War Skit Written & Performed by Tim Clark, Adam Knox and Ben Vernel The Patent Office Episode 2 Written […]


The Show Show Episode 1

This episode features: Zjecargo and Antonio San Diego: Detectives In Law Episode 1 Written by Murphy McLachlan & Tom Keele. Performed by […]