Swinburne On SYN Nation – 24 September – Around The Mic

Joshua Silverii, along with Alex Tsatsanis and Stevie Windsor preview 2014 AFL Grand Final as well taking a look at the Capital […]


Swinburne on SYN Nation – Kickback with the Quirks – 17 September 2014

Cat, Emily, Elly and Claudia discuss all things quirky and awkward in “What’s in Emily’s Hat?”, give you the rundown of what’s […]

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Brooke and Alex talk about holidays with friends and family… can it make or break a friendship?

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Steve, Brooke and Emily talking celebrity gossip, getting juicy facts!


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Swinburne on SYN Nation 10 September 2014 – Jana, Justin & Josh – 90S THROWBACK

Join Jana, Justin and Josh (the three-J’s) as they throwback the music to the glorious 90s, talk about a plethora of useless […]