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Player One Crew Quits After Failing To Negotiate Payrise – P1NG

The entire Player One crew has quit after failing to negotiate a new agreement with the Player One Supreme Leader. “Look, it’s […]

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Listeners Mad As Hell After SYN Airs Wrong Episode Of Player One – P1NG

Audiences have been left confused and frustrated after the wrong episode of Player One aired on SYN last night. A repeat of […]

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14-Year-Old Babysitter Earns $20 An Hour To Watch Netflix While Kid Plays Fortnite – P1NG

Kimmy Jones has discovered a new business venture that allows her to earn while doing absolutely nothing. Her step father has a […]


Memesters Storming Area 51 Uncover Belle Delphine’s Bath Water – P1NG

20,000 Facebook meme warriors descended on Area 51 overnight. P1NG’s reporter caught up with a so-called raid leader, Leslie “Crypto” Karrancey. “I […]


Handmaid’s Tale Video Game Revealed As ‘June Staring Simulator’ – P1NG

Hulu has announced a new video game for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale. “What’s great about the latest season of The Handmaid’s […]


EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Mario exposed as anti-vaxxer – P1NG

Dr. Mario has been forced to acknowledge our discovery that he doesn’t believe in the legitimacy of vaccines. “It’s-a-me, Doctor Mario.” The […]