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Room on the Broom interview with Andrew Threlfall

As the year draws to a close, Art Smitten will be looking back at our favourite discussions from throughout 2019. Like The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child […]

Betra Fraval

Betra Fraval interview – Art Smitten

The R & M McGivern Prize is a triennial art competition run by the Maroondah City Council. This year, the theme is […]

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A History of Student Radio in Australia interview

In this interview from Art Smitten, Marcie, Connor and Sharni chat with Rafal Alumairy about her independent book project: A History of Student Radio in Australia. […]

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Oil interview with Matthew Whitty

Conceived by British playwright Ella Hickson, Oil tells of a family’s journey through the ages as they explore how the crude, black liquid […]

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Milk Bar interview with Callum Preston

It was once a staple of every corner block; nowadays, Australians rarely ever see one, let alone set foot in one. Callum […]

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Arrival interview – Art Smitten

The elation that comes with meeting a relative, friend or loved-one at the airport is immense and special. It’s a moment that […]