Interview: Emma J Hawkins

Tom & Dana speaks to Emma J Hawkins to her Show ‘I am not a Unicorn’ on at the MICF.


Interview: Jai Moore

Our very own Jai Moore talks to Maria, Ellie and Christina about ‘Love & Luck’, a Podcast Jai is involved in.


Interview: Ezster Salamon

Dana and Tom talked to Ezster Salamon on Dancehouse’s ‘Replay’.


Interview: Christian Vine

Viv, Gigi and Christina talk about Christian’s Veins Exhibition at Off the Kerb.

Interview: Amanda Jane Pitchard

Viv and Gigi interview Amanda Jane Pitchard over her Cabaret ‘All The Dumb Things’ at Speakeasy HQ.


Interview- Yunuen Perez

Dana and Tom Interview Yunuen Perez over her exhibition being held at the NGV over Melbourne Design Week.