Interview: Rosanna Li and William Thi

Viv and Christian speak to Rosanna Li and William Thi on the Catwalk Club Show at RMIT.


Interview: Nina Sanadze

Christian and Viv talks to Nina Sandaze about the Bollards City Exhibition.

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Interview: Gillian English

Tom & Dana Speak to Gillian English on her shows ‘Giant & Angry’ and ‘Comedy of Errors for Kids’ at MICF.


Interview: Emma J Hawkins

Tom & Dana speaks to Emma J Hawkins to her Show ‘I am not a Unicorn’ on at the MICF.


Interview: Jai Moore

Our very own Jai Moore talks to Maria, Ellie and Christina about ‘Love & Luck’, a Podcast Jai is involved in.


Interview: Ezster Salamon

Dana and Tom talked to Ezster Salamon on Dancehouse’s ‘Replay’.