Great Minds Don’t think Alike 4th of April 2015

A discussion Between Callan, Daniel And Christian about World Autism Awareness day, what it means to us as people on the spectrum […]

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike – show 28/2/2015

Callan and Christian rip through some of the most hated and some of the most beloved stereotypes associated with neurodiversity.


Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 21/2/2015

Christian and Callan critique the best and the worst artistic representations of Neurodivegent people, and list the do’s and don’t’s of how […]

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike show 14/2/2015

Christian, Daniel, Issa and Sam talk about the great minds of past and present, fiction and reality, before busting a few persistent […]


Great Minds Don’t Think Alike – show 7/2/2015

Daniel, Issa and Christian are joined by special guest Chris Varney as they introduce listeners to the whole new world of Neurodiversity […]