Primary School Disco – Disney Edition

Beck and Chiara delve into their shared love, Disney!


Primary School Disco – Toys and Games Edition

In which Beck and Chiara discuss board games, toys, hand made toys, video games and more! Note: There is a section of […]


Primary School Disco – Trends Edition

In which Beck and Chiara talk about fashion, slang and Beck surprises Chiara with a random assortment of goodies! The Britney Spears […]


Primary School Disco – TV Edition

In which Beck and Chiara chat about their favourite TV shows and cartoons from back in the day and ask the big […]

Primary School Disco – Obsessions Edition

Beck and Chiara wrap up the Yowie vs Kinder Surprise debate. Who won? You’ll have to listen to find out! They also […]


Primary School Disco – Canteen Edition

In which Beck and Chiara talk about how awesome primary school canteens were (except for when Beck got food poisoning!) WHO WILL […]