Season 01, Week 15 – Atop the Fourth Wall

In honour of the 300th Episode of Atop the Fourth Wall, Host Erik Magister has another go at a semi-scripted show. The […]


Season 01, Week 14 – The Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy

Host Erik Magister takes us through the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. […]


Season 01, Week 13 – Doctor Who – The Jon Pertwee Era with Guest

Host Erik Magister is joined by fellow Whovian and friend Kat to talk about The Jon Pertwee Ear of Doctor Who.   […]


Season 01, Week 12 – The Phantom of the Opera

Solo shows are really not Erik Magister’s forte.   AIRED: 14/06/2014, SYN Nation   FIND OUT MORE: Fan-Made Wiki: OR


Season 01, Week 11 – Robin Hood in the Media with Guest

Host Erik Magister is joined by friend Jack to talk about Robin Hood in the media.   AIRED: 07/06/2014, SYN Nation   […]


Season 01, Week 10 – Disney Animated Films with Guest

Amy joins host Erik Magister to chat about Disney Animated Films.   AIRED: 31/05/2014, SYN Nation   FIND OUT MORE: Offical Site: […]