Jack Ward

When the local paper shut down, this 16-year-old was his towns only news source

When the Ararat Advertiser stopped publication due to an advertising downturn caused by coronavirus, it left the 8,000 person town on Southern […]

Client Liason

Rebrand Virgin as Ansett Australia – Client Liaison

Aussie band Client Liaison is well known for it’s 80’s and retro vibe and they have now taken it to the next […]

Good News

Tired of the negatives ? Get some good news.

From community driveway dinners to how bars are adapting to new restrictions, this week’s Happydemic Good News Correspondent Lachlan Brickley updates you […]

Kai Lovel

This 15 year-old built a website to support small business during Coronavirus

Meet Kai Lovel, a Perth teen who could see the impact that COVID-19 was having on the small businesses in his city. […]