Season 02, Week 09 – 42 Geek Street

Erik Magister is joined by Ren and Mike of 42 Geek Street to discuss their show that is no way like The […]


GC Saturdays: Best Bits 22/11/2014

Did you miss Get Cereal with Phoebe, Ben and Jess on your Saturday Morning? Don’t stress all the best bits from the […]


Just Saying Episode Six- Fandom

In episode six of Just Saying, Deb and Jess discuss fandoms, from their own secret (and not so secret) obsessions, to some […]


Season 02, Week 06 – Anime with Guest

Erik Magister is joined by Natasha who talks about her favourite subject: Anime. Also please check out Animeball … Z, which Natasha […]


SYN meets Wolverine!

May 16 , 2014 Owen and Phoebe from SYN Media’s ‘Get Cereal’ radio team headed down to Melbourne’s X-Men: Days of Future […]


Season 02, Week 05 – My Little Pony with Guest

Erik Magister is joined by Michael to talk about My Little Pony. Once again we apologise for the poor audio quality for […]


New kid on the block – National Youth Media Project Coordinator checking in!

November, already!? It’s hard to believe the year is already so rapidly drawing to a close, but it’s so exciting to think […]


Just Saying Episode Five – Health and Beauty

Deb and Jess talk health and beauty on this week’s episode of Just Saying and answer some of this topic’s most hard […]


Season 02, Week 04 – Hard vs. Soft Sci-Fi

Erik Magister is joined by Seth, who talks about Hard vs. Soft Sci-Fi. Seth is one of those internet reviewers, you can […]


Skipping school & Justin’s report card

Chloe recounts the time she attempted to skip school… and then went back. Justin discovers his year 7 report card.