Friday, April 22nd

Sam, Bianca & Tara introduce the world to classical music, host a German exchange student, and chat to Brisbane indie-rock outfit Sunhaus


Friday, April 15th

Sam, Bianca & Tara debate the importance of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, preview weekend 1 of Coachella and chat to Tara […]


Friday, March 11th

The playlist for Amplify with Bianca and Tara, as aired Friday, March 11th 2016.


Friday, February 26th

Sam and Producer Jake discuss the success rate of cow cloning, ask why the IT department is still a thing, jinx the […]


Friday, February 19th

Discover what Kanye West has been up to, the train annoyance hierarchy, diet drinks with less-than-diet meals and more with Sam, Bianca […]


Friday, February 5th

Sam, Bianca & Tara discuss the structural integrity of selfie sticks, glance at Leonardo DiCaprio’s past Oscars success, using hair for “go […]