Monday, February 29th

Genevieve & Tara unintentionally avoid all discussion of the leap day, instead opting for the Earth-shattering news of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscars win, […]


Monday, February 22nd

Genevieve and Tara avoid everyday situations, investigate unknown vegetables, play Would You Rather? and more!


Full Show | Monday, February 15th, 2016

Guru Genevieve returns to discuss standing up for what you believe in, while Tara tells of her multilingual mistakes.


Monday, February 8th

Genevieve and Tara channel their inner gurus, discussing Valentine’s Day and de-stressing, plus what trends can bring sexy back?


Monday, February 1st

Genevieve & Tara look back at January 2016 – how unsuccessful were their New Years’ resolutions? Why did a real estate agent […]