Wanderland Saturday 22 November 2014

How does the Melbourne weather affect your fashion choice? Melody and Daisy share their thoughts and chat about style on Wanderland.


SYNcytium Saturday 22 November 2014 – 11am

Emmanuelle and Sahba visit places of worship on this episode of SYNcytium.


SYNcytium Saturday 15 November 2014

David and Anne put health and medicine under the microscope on this episode of SYNcytium.  

YAMEC on SYN 23 October 2014

Does money buy happiness? Check out what the YAMEC crew from NMIT have to say!


SYNcytium Saturday 8 November 2014

Emmanuelle and Anne share their thoughts on weddings, funerals and more on this episode of SYNcytium.


Wanderland Saturday 25 October 2014

Saya, Melody, Dee, Angie & Amy chat about chai … and other delicious elements of the culture of drinking beverages in Melbourne.

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 25/10

Cal, Eamon and Christian talk the good and the bad of primary school, high school and transitioning between the two.


SYNcytium 18 October 2014

Baneen, Cleo and Emanuelle explore the Holy Catwalk on SYNcytium.


SYNcytium Saturday 11 October 2014 – 12pm

Buddhist? Bahá’í? Muslim? Curious? check out SYNcytium’s second hour and meet Baneen as she joins David and Sahba.


SYNcytium Saturday 11 October 2014 – 11am

Meet Sahba and David and find out what SYNcytium* means! *the phrase faithsploration has been used.