Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 15/11

Eamon, Christian and Issa talk about what navigating boundaries and relationships are like for people on the autism spectrum.


Show 5 – Society, what will people change about their bodies?

Show 5 Podcast – 8/11/14 Song Playlist: Boyz II Men – Motown Philly Strangers Like Me – Phil Collins This Is How […]

Swinburne on SYN NATION with Brooke and Alex

Brooke and Alex talk about holidays with friends and family… can it make or break a friendship?


Wanderlust Melbourne 10 May 2014

Tracy, Elesha, Maria and Vrinda share great stories from bunking* sports classes at school to making new friends at Uni.   And […]


Wanderlust Melbourne 3 May 2014

The first show from our International Student Perspectives program. Meet Sakshi, Tracy, Elesha, Maria and Vrinda as they talk about arriving in […]

Week 9 – playlist

Playlist – week 9 Topic:  The concept of family in history and how it has been reshaped and reassessed in modern history. […]