Interview: Phfat. 19th of May

Dave & Justin chat to rapper ‘Smooth Mike’ from South African Hip Hop band Phfat about their latest sinlge ‘Lights Out’.


Get Cereal Playlist: Monday 14/04/2014

With your hosts: Kelvin, Jess and the absent Sam. ):


Bronwyn Rose launching debut EP ‘ALIVE’ Interview

Kelvin and Jess had a chat with Melbourne’s very own extremely talented alternative folk/pop singer/songwriter Bronwyn Rose ahead of her debut EP ‘ALIVE’ […]


Dr. Ralph Newmark and Aztecs Interview 14/04/14

We were lucky enough to have Dr. Ralph Newmark, the director fo the Institute of Latin American Studies at La Trobe University […]


Hand Contact Law

Jess & Kelvin recount their stories about awkward hand contact and the rules and regulations that should accompany them.  Beware, this gets […]


[Guess Who Ep 8] Get Cereal Mondays FINAL GUESS!

It’s the last season of the show and the Mondays team think they’ve finally got it! Is this a stab in the […]


Doc Brown from “Of Mic and Men” Interview 07/04/14

British rapper-turned-comedian Doc Brown is back in Melbourne to take part in the ongoing International Comedy Festival and we were lucky enough to […]


What’s The Deal ?! 07/04/14

Kelvin tries to be constructive. But he does not educate. He laments, he groans, he complains. He wrings his hands and asks […]


Sam does “Celebrities”

Sam educates Jess & Kelvin as to why (In Orwell’s words) some are just more “equal” than others. Also, Sam and Kelvin […]


[Guess Who Ep 6] Get Cereal Mondays coming close?

Sam, Jess, and Kelvin take another jab at their Friday adversaries, questioning them about their hopes and dreams for the future. Reckon […]