Penguin Classics: How I Live Now

All you need to know about Penguin Classics, so you can sound cultured and informed at nerdy parties. This week Claudia tells […]


Dr. Anna Poletti: Life Writing and Ethics

How do you write ethically about a real, living person? Monash University Literary Studies lecturer Dr. Anna Poletti discusses the study of […]


Animal Farm and Grand Budapest Hotel

Political allegory and auteurs. Guest Made Stuchbery, Textual Healing host Alice, and Art Smitten hosts Christian and Andrew discuss their responses to […]


Made Stuchbery on the first novel

What happens AFTER you write the book… SYNner, writer and journalist Made Stuchbery explains the process of writing and editing her first […]


Literature News

Should Australia relax book import restrictions, as the federal government has proposed? What’s happening with the Book Council of Australia? Who are […]


Reading: Shellfish

Some things stay with you forever. Sometimes they stay with you in ways that you couldn’t imagine. Made Stuchbery reads her short […]


Duncan Felton: The Grapple Annual No. 1

Duncan Felton, editor of 2015’s Most Underrated Book The Grapple Annual No. 1, chats to hosts Will and Andrew about the anthology, the joys […]


Books being made more accessible for people who are visually impaired

There are 350,000 people in Australia who are visually impaired, yet only 5% of books have been made accessible for visually impaired […]


Sian Campbell: “We Three”

Author and editor Sian Campbell joins Will and Andrew in the studio to chat about her writing career, her work editing Scum magazine, her […]


Common Reader: Good Omens

A tale of the supernatural that couldn’t be more human: Katie discusses the dark comedy and themes of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good […]