Utopia – Building & Design (Ep 4)

Intro Leaning tower of Pisa Parliamentary meeting Pillow fort education Utopian landmark design Luke the builder Last call


Utopia – Food (Ep 3)

Intro Hollywood Masterchef Our cooking show ideas The Great Parma Debate Food sayings Utopian signature dish Last call


Utopia – Recreation/Leisure (Ep 2)

Intro Utopian Golf Theme park chat (Spew-topia) Our perfect theme park Every theme park ever audio guide Fish Tank Bowling improvements Last […]


Utopia – Technology (Ep 1)

What is Utopia? Soocial media etiquette in Utopia Fads come back Flying cars and Hover boards The Technology Expert ┬áThe official game […]


Cackling Jack (Jack Post Interview)

We were lucky enough to be able to have a chat to Jack Post who pushes the buttons for the Hamish and […]


Ever wondered what a perfect world would be like? Luke & Marty are exploring every area of society to create the ultimate […]


Graveyard Episode 4 (24/6/15)

Intro Fish tank Underrated inventions Prepping Jack for overseas Jacks mystery segment How is that a law? Bad blood


Graveyard Episode 3 (10/6/15)

Intro UniverSYNty Male over confidence Late night game show Godzilla Japans new tourism ambassador Anti seriousness movement Bad blood


Denise Scott & Adam Hills Interview

We were lucky enough to be invited backstage at the Learn to Live Comedy Gala at The Thornbury Theatre to have a […]


Graveyard Episode 2 (27/5/15)

Intro Vegemite chocolate Food mergers Baby weight confusion Being unequipped for adulthood Accidental childhood TV discussion Road trip games Dream chat Making […]