Monday August 25 Playlist

Made and Ying brought you guys a feast of electronica ambience this Monday. We interviewed Pauline Maudy from MZAZA and the Memoriez […]

Monday August 18 Playlist

Made and Ying dished up some electronica, indie and folk tonight. We were joined by Cooking with Caustic and the theme for […]


Monday August 11 Playlist

Made and Ying dished up some electronic dance and indie rock this Monday night. They had a chat with Edo from Milwaukee […]


Monday 5th August Playlist

Mads and Ying were joined by one half of Melbourne brother sisiter duo DAN & AMY and played some music with funk […]


Thursday 10/07/14 Interview – REMI releases “RAW X INFINITY”and goes on tour

For the final show of the season, Ken and Jane played all tracks that are old and gold, and remixed/covered/bootlegged/edited. They also […]


Thursday 03/07/14 – Playlist

With your hosts Jane and Ken. 


New and Approved Monday 23 July Playlist

Check out the wicked tunes we played tonight!


Thursday 19/06/14 Interview – Darcy Baylis EP Launch @ Boney

Melbourne based Darcy Baylis previously known as Naminé came in to the studio this evening and we had lovely chat about his […]


Thursday 12/06/14 Interview – Leigh & Pat from Royston Vasie releases 2nd album ‘Water Colours’

This evening we had a chat with Leigh Hardingham & Pat Nicholas, half of the Melbourne four piece Royston Vasie. Find out all […]